Disease or Ailment Intensive- 120 Minute Session

Disease or Ailment Intensive- 120 Minute Session

Disease or Ailment Intensive- 120 Minute Session


Want to work on just one specific problem you are having? An intensive may be the way to go. With one 90 minute call to work together and a 30 minute call 2 weeks later, you’ll have the opportunity to be educated all about your challenge and then implement the strategies I will teach you in your own time after. Connecting later on your follow up call lets us troubleshoot and course correct anything that may come up along the way. Voila! Problem solved.

Custom time frames are available upon request.

*Price starts at $249



Lisa Cipkar is a certified integrative and brain health coach, specializing in Lyme disease, POTS, dysautonomia and chronic illness. She teaches patients how to obtain a clear diagnosis and then how to overcome that diagnosis by implementing simple, actionable steps that allow the patient to get back to living their life. By providing creative and confident guidance, Lisa has helped dozens of people regain their hope and break free from the limitations of labels and disease.

Lisa’s practice is centered around a bio-individual approach to healing because one size does not fit all. She is dedicated to walking alongside her clients as they navigate the overwhelming world of chronic illness, inspired by her own 7-year, 22-doctor, international health battle that led to a diagnosis of Lyme disease. In addition to being partnered with several medical doctors as an adjunct to their practices, Lisa strives to create a ripple effect of abundant life for each person she meets.

Lisa’s work has been featured on ProHealth.com, The Mighty and several other publications. She is a frequent guest on podcasts and runs a private Facebook group focused on holistic support for long term illnesses. Whether you are newly diagnosed or ready to start edging back out into the real world again, Lisa has something to offer you no matter where you are in your journey.

When she isn’t working with others you can find her exploring nature, reading, traveling or having a dance party with her son. Connect with her on Instagram as @lisathelymecoach


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