Energy Drops By Dao Drops

Energy Drops By Dao Drops

Energy Drops By Dao Drops


Description: A synergistic blend of adaptogen herbs designed to provide relief of chronic fatigue symptoms. Dao Drops ‘ENERGY’ counters stress related fatigue while restoring your natural energy levels.


Benefits: A Powerful Blend Of Adaptogens Proven To:

1.) Relieve Chronic Fatigue Symptoms
2.) Restore Energy Levels
3.) Enhance Physical Performance
4.) Counter Stress



What’s Included?

  • 1.) Panax/Korean Ginseng  – The most famous and considered the most potent adaptogen, ginseng relieves chronic fatigue and restores energy levels.
  • 2.) Gynostemma Leaf – Contains 3 times as many ‘saponins’ as ginseng, saponins are compounds that provide adaptogens with their anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties.
  • 3.) Astragalus Root – Boosts Immunity and buffers the effects of stress.
  • 4.) Licorice Root – Can increase energy and endurance and boost the immune system.
  • 5.) Rhodiola Rosea  – The root of the Rhodiola plant is traditionally used for increasing energy and stamina.

How To Use: 2-3 full squeezes of dropper in water, tea or juice. 1-2 times daily. Approx 15 servings per bottle. 


Other Ingredients: Vegetable palm glycerin and crystal clear purified water