AlgaeCal Plus

AlgaeCal Plus

AlgaeCal Plus



Rock-based calcium can only slow bone loss. But AlgaeCal’s plant-based calcium does what others can’t — actually stops bone loss. And builds new bone!

Powerful plant-based serving of 16 bone-supporting nutrients. In human clinical trials, these 13 minerals & 3 vitamins have been shown to increase bone density – even for folks in their 80s

What’s Inside

Calcium from AlgaeCal (l. superpositum) – 720mg

AlgaeCal is a unique calcium that contains all 13 essential bone-building minerals. Studies show these plant-based nutrients can stop bone loss – and even increase your bone density.

Boron – 3mg

This essential nutrient helps your bones get the calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D they need to stay healthy and strong. It also helps your body make collagen, the main protein that holds your bone together.

Magnesium – 350mg (from l. superpositum and magnesium-oxide)

If you want better bones, then you need more magnesium. Clinical studies show people with healthy magnesium levels have better bone density than their magnesium-deficient counterparts.

Vitamin C – 50mg

Vitamin C helps your body fight the root cause of bone loss. A 17-year study found that a high intake of this vitamin reduced the likelihood of hip and non-vertebral fractures.

Vitamin D3 – 40mcg (1600IU)

Vitamin D is vital for your bone health. Without this essential nutrient, your body can’t absorb calcium, and that’s bad news for your bones. But don’t worry – every serving of AlgaeCal Plus has a generous 1,600 IU of this bone-building vitamin.

Vitamin K2-7 – 100mcg

You need vitamin K2 because it collects calcium from your bloodstream and directs it into your bones – keeping them healthy and strong. You don’t want calcium getting into your soft tissue – where it can cause heart attacks, strokes, and even Alzheimer’s.