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    Adapto Latte – 32 Servings

    Crashing from coffee after a few hours?  Is your usual cup of coffee or latte not enough? At The Ultimate Coffee we enhance our coffee with superfoods, superherbs, and supermushrooms, so the coffee crash doesn't happen.  You might think our coffees have more caffeine than others, but they don't. They are loaded with micronutrients and contain powerful properties that give you the endurance, strength, and rejuvenation your body craves. This latte is quick and easy. You don't have to wait for coffee to brew or steam milk, or have to drive to a coffee shop.  Simply grab hot water, scoop and stir, set an intention, and sip.  This latte contains smooth and creamy superfoods so it ready-to-go without milk. We wanted to make our daily ritual of drinking coffee a moment where we also get a daily dose of superfoods, superherbs, and supermushrooms. You get the best of the best all-in-one cup. Our coffees makes a great first cup in the morning or for your mid-day coffee break.  If your that person who drinks six cups a day, why not drink coffee that has added benefits. Surprisingly, you might not need all six cups if you have just one cup of The Ultimate Coffee as your first or second cup for the day. The Ultimate Coffee  High Quality & Flavorful Coffee + Creamy & Decadent Superfoods + Legendary & Well-known Superherbs + Popular & Supreme Supermushrooms Yes, it contains adaptogens and a whole lot of them. If you did not know, adaptogens are plants that help your body adapt well to stress and in the process help bring balance to the body. Quality you can Feel Endurance + Strength + Rejuvenation + Focus Easy-to-Use Make it a daily ritual: Add to hot water, Stir, Set an intention, Sip & Enjoy. Yes, you can make it iced. (Some people just throw it in a water bottle and shake) Ingredients

    Superfood Blend (Coconut, Lucuma, Maca root, Coffee, Shilajit) Supermushroom Blend (Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail) Superherb Blend (Prepared He Shou Wu, Astragalus root, Ashwagandha, Eucommia, Eleuthero, Goji Berry, Longan fruit, Holy Basil, Jujube, Amla berry) Coconut Sugar, Cinnamon, Sea Salt.

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