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    Chronic illness Comprehensive Health Report – Based on The Begnosis Health Algorithm

    Do you deal with Chronic Illness and have been searching for answers for years?  Are you looking to get to the root cause of your health challenges so you can live life again? Well, you have come to the right place.  Using our Begnosis Health Algorithm, combined with input from our experienced team, we can provide you a comprehensive health report to help you battle chronic illness. Our goal, is to give you answers that you have been searching for to help you improve your health and overall quality of life.
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    The Begnosis Health Algorithm, Helping You Prevent Disease And Feel Healthy – Monthly Subscription

    Our innovative Begnosis Health Algorithm technology will teach you how susceptible you are to various diseases, and will provide you with an assessment of your health based upon your genetic makeup, diet, metabolics, pathogens in your body, microbiome, cell function, immune system function, emotional well being, environment and lifestyle. We are thee only technology that will foresee health outcomes by calculating in ALL of the factors that affect you specifically, not just one factor. With this information you will be able to take the measures you need to prevent disease in your life, or the life of your loved ones. How it works, once you sign up for the monthly subscription, you will be sent a questionnaire around your health for you to fill out and input as much health data as possible and send this back to us.  We will then use our health algorithm to analyze your data and provide you a report. Each week, you can send in your data again to see if anything has changed to show progression and changes, based on the health reports you are getting.  You will be allowed to send in your health data once a month, and be allowed four health reports a month, one a week. The Monthly Subscription is only $19.99 and can be canceled at anytime, with no obligation. Sign up today, so you can start improving your health and preventing disease before it happens. *All of the information given to you from our health algorithm is purely for educational use and is not intended to prevent, cure or diagnose any disease or ailment.