Jason’s Story

One day when I was in college, I woke up with with strange symptoms that were not like the average cold. My whole body and muscles were weak, and I was in a weird fog with vision changes. I didn’t better quickly, so I went to doctor after doctor in search of an answer.

Doctor and patient

Eventually, I did start to feel better and moved forward, without ever knowing what happened exactly or what that illness was. I went on perfectly fine for years, until one day six years ago, I woke up with the same strange symptoms as that previous experience. This time around, I was pretty sick for a couple weeks and I eventually bettered, but the fog and vision change, with this heaviness as I walked, didn’t resolve.

A little over two months later, I started having other abnormal symptoms, such as being out of breath for no reason and feeling like I was floating on earth. Soon after, I had to leave life as I knew it and figure out what was going on.

Pretty quickly, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, but by this time, I was really sick and everything in my life took a sudden, massive turn. I started Lyme treatment which left me feeling worse and I eventually left the doctor that diagnosed me and went to other doctors in search of other treatment options and more answers. During this time I also began to research more about Lyme Disease, healing, and our medical system in general.

What I saw were thousands upon thousands of individuals not truly being helped by our medical system and suffering needlessly. This wasn’t just with Lyme Disease, this was also with diseases ranging from Cancer to M.E. to Diabetes, to Alzheimer’s and on. I knew somebody needed to come up with a proper solution that could give individuals the knowledge they need to help prevent disease before it happens, and ideally, start decreasing chronic illness numbers.

So, I created Begnosis.

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