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What Is Cancer?

Cancer is scary and deadly and brings disgust, anger, sadness and fear when the words are mentioned.  Cancer is a group of abnormal cells or toxic cells that congregate in a part of the body.  We all have cancer cells in us, but when the cancer cells take over all the good cells and become a burden on the body and its’ immune system, that’s when Cancer becomes a disease and becomes deadly.

Cancer can manifest as groups of abnormal cells that spread throughout the body or it can also manifest as a malignant tumor in the body.  There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of Cancer.  Some types of Cancer are extremely rare, were as others are more common.

Common Symptoms

Cancer can be hard to detect because sometimes an individual with Cancer might not have any symptoms.  Cancer can also imitate other diseases and an individual with Cancer might get misdiagnosed.  Common symptoms can vary depending on the Cancer and if a malignant tumor or mass was formed or not.

Symptoms can be anything from unexplained weight loss, unexplained bleeding, a lump or swelling, vomiting, nausea, extreme fatigue, unexplained pain and really can be anything depending on what type of Cancer it is and where in the body it is targeting.  This is what makes Cancer sometimes hard to diagnose or detect.

If you are having any sudden strange symptoms or find any lumps or masses in your body, see a doctor immediately.


The fact that Cancer can manifest as other diseases and sometimes create no symptoms, makes it sometimes hard to diagnose.  Typically, diagnosis comes from X-rays, Ultrasounds or MRI’s of specific regions that could possibly be infected by Cancer.  If a tumor is found, a biopsy is usually done to determine if the tumor is malignant, cancerous, or benign, non-cancerous.  Certain types of Cancers can also be diagnosed via specific blood tests.


Because Cancer is a complex disease, treatment is really multi-faceted and usually a multi-faceted approach is the most effective way in treating Cancer.

The most commonly used treatments for Cancer are Surgery, to remove the tumor or mass, if there is one, and/or chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  Though, this therapy is the most common, it does not always guarantee the eradication of Cancer and the side effects from both chemotherapy and radiation therapy can sometimes be more dangerous then the Cancer itself.

The following are some other treatments that have been shown to kill Cancer in the body:

Clinics That Specialize In Cancer Treatments


Cancer does not just happen over night.  It does not just happen in a day or a week usually.  It is a slow progression of toxins that cause Cancer mixed with genetics and your predisposition to your surroundings and what you consume or put in your body.  Prevention is an important factor in preventing your body from getting Cancer.

So, what are some things that can help prevent Cancer.  Some things that can help with preventing Cancer are as follows with a link with information:

Boosting Your Immune System –  Your Immune system holds the key to health and holds the key to preventing Cancer from entering your body.  A weakened Immune System, makes you more susceptible to Cancer.  Here are some tips for boosting your immune system:

Revitalizing Mitochondria –

STRESS  –   Reducing stress is vital for remaining healthy and disease prevention.  Cancer is no different.  When your body is under more stress, your immune system is weakened and your cells are weakened leaving things open for Cancer cells to take over.

Here are some ways you can eliminate stress.

EMOTIONAL HEALTH – Your emotional health and your emotional patterns can dictate so many things, including the health of your body.  It is important to not only be healthy physically but also healthy emotionally.   Here are some tips on how to stay emotionally healthy.

This is interesting article on how emotions contribute to cancer.

LIMITING ENVIRONMENTAL TOXIN EXPOSURE –  The biggest thing you can do to prevent Cancer is limiting your toxin exposure.  Toxins are all around us and less toxins you expose yourself too, the healthier you will be.  Things like eating organic, Non-Gmo food, getting rid of all products that have chemicals in them in your home and eliminating toxic people and situations from your life will help you stay healthier and prevent Cancer.

Here are some more ways to eliminate toxins in your life:

RADIATION EXPOSURE  –  With advancement in technology, we really cannot get around being exposed to radiation.  Computers, Cellular phones, Wi-Fi connections, microwaves, X-Rays, etc. all put off some type of radiation.  Though, here and there might seem harmless, over a period of time, can become toxic to the body and be harmful and can possibly lead to Cancer.  Here are some ways to limit radiation exposure.

Here are some ways to counteract radiation exposure.


The tricky thing about Cancer is that it is not caused by one single thing, it is a multitude of things that overload your body.  We all have Cancer cells in our bodies but when they become a burden and overload our systems, we get Cancer.

A multitude of things can cause Cancer or Cancer cells in the body.  Everything from cigarettes, to environmental toxins, to GMO foods to diet to stress can create Cancer.

Links To Articles, Research and Other Information To Help You Heal From Cancer

Other Resources -

Also Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media sites have support groups for those suffering with Cancer.  On top of this, there are usually local support groups in your area.

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