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Diabetes is a disease that affects your Pancreas and its’ ability to either produce insulin or regulate the amount of insulin it produces and regulate glucose levels in the blood.  It is estimated that around 400 million people worldwide have Diabetes.  Diabetes is a disease of epidemic proportion and the amount of individuals who have Diabetes is only increasing.

Diabetes is broken down into two categories.  Type 1 Diabetes, which is when the body can produce very little if not any Insulin on its’ own, and Type 2 Diabetes, were the body can no regulate the insulin in the body and therefore creating erratic levels of glucose in the body.  The affect of Diabetes on the body can create a multitude of symptoms and problems if it is not regulated.


The symptoms of Diabetes usually coincide with the affects of how much or how little insulin is being produce in your body and fluctuations in blood sugar.  Some common symptoms of Diabetes are as follows:

  • Urinating Often
  • Feeling Thirsty all the time
  • Tingling, numbness
  • Brain Fog, Spacey feeling
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Blurry Vision
  • Always hungry
  • Moody

If you have any of these symptoms, go to your Doctor and get checked to make sure you don’t have diabetes.


Diagnosing diabetes is not to difficult with all the tests and technology we have now a days.  There are a number of tests including A1C and Fasting Glucose blood tests, that can help detect Diabetes in your body.


Those individuals who have Type 1 Diabetes typically have to take Insulin everyday for the rest of their lives.  Even with taking Insulin, somebody with Type 1 Diabetes can still have a number of complications as their body does not produce any insulin.  Type 1 Diabetes is usually not related to diet and a lot of individuals with Type 1 Diabetes are actually underweight, not overweight.

With those with Type 2 Diabetes.  Diet, plays a big role in regulating Type 2 Diabetes.  Though many with Type 2, take Insulin and other drugs that can regulate blood sugar levels, if you control your diet, it will limit the amount of insulin you have to take, if at all and the number of drugs you have to take to regulate your blood sugar.

Besides Insulin, some common medications used for Type 2 Diabetes are:  Metformin, Actos, Januvia and Jardiance.

Besides following certain diets, their are a number of other alternative treatments that have been used for treating Diabetes.  They are as follows:


With Type 1 Diabetes, prevention is very challenging because the actual cause for Type 1 is still fairly unknown and so often, individuals will get Type 1 Diabetes kind of out of nowhere or when they are born.

The biggest link to Type 1 Diabetes seems to be a virus.  If this is the case, then keeping a strong immune system is important for prevention from Type 1 Diabetes.  Here are some ways you can boost your immune system.

Prevention from Type 2 Diabetes is much different than with Type 1.  One of the biggest keys to prevention of Type 2 Diabetes is diet.

With the advancement of refined and processed foods and GMO filled foods, Type 2 Diabetes has been on the rise and the amount of sugar and “junk” food that individuals consume has only increased.  Keeping a healthy diet is important for prevention of Type 2 Diabetes.  Here are some tips on preventing Diabetes through diet:

Physical movement, reducing stress and meditation are other things that you can do to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Another important thing to understand and prevent Diabetes is understanding your genetic predisposition towards the Disease.  If you have a family history and are more susceptible to Diabetes.  Keeping a really healthy diet, exercise, reducing stress and keeping a strong immune system are even more important for you to prevent Diabetes.


Though type 2 and type 1 Diabetes affect the same organ in the body and the production of Insulin, the causes are vastly different.  We will start with Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes happens when beta cells attack your bodies own immune system.  There are various theories on the cause of why this happens.  One of those theories is that a virus is the actual cause of Type 1 Diabetes because so often, an individual will get sick or get a virus in correlation with getting type 1 Diabetes.

A virus that causes Type 1 Diabetes is just one theory, here is a link to some other theories on the cause of Type 1 Diabetes.

The cause of Type 2 Diabetes is thought to be vastly different than the cause of Type 1.  The leading contributor that seems to be the cause and vast rise in Type 2 Diabetes is Diet in combination with lack of physical activity and your genetic predisposition.

Another risk factor or gradual cause of Type 2 Diabetes is Age.  As you get older your body starts to break down and is more susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes.



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