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Begnosis is changing the face of health and wellness by aiming to prevent disease before it happens. Whether you are curious about your future susceptibility, currently suffering from a chronic illness or just generally wish to get ahead of your health, we offer solutions. Our innovative health algorithm technology teaches you how susceptible you are to various diseases, based upon your microbiome, genetic makeup, lifestyle, and exposures. Our disease database aids in educating you on several of those chronic diseases and our wellness shop provides you with products and services, based upon your unique health assessment and needs. Together we can revolutionize the future of medicine by eradicating chronic illness. Be knowledgeable.

Americans have at least 1 chronic illness

Deaths in the U.S. are due to chronic disease

Nearly half of Americans (49%) will be diagnosed with chronic disease

*As reported by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Meet Our Founder

Jason Boritz

Six years ago, Jason Boritz found himself dealing with debilitating symptoms, leading to a diagnosis of acute form Lyme Disease, turned chronic. Upon spending the next five years attempting to treat and heal from this illness, Boritz quickly learned that the medical system was not equipped to deal with chronic conditions effectively. It was deep in this experience that Boritz conceptualized Begnosis, meaning ‘be knowledge’ in greek. Boritz’ vision included a world where people could get ahead of chronic illness, find out their susceptibility in advance and have access to education, resources and products that could aid in prevention. …Read More

Seeing this vision through, he lead a team of computational biologists and data analysts to develop a revolutionary algorithm that will allow people to determine their specific disease susceptibility. In addition he developed the disease database alongside a group of doctors and curated a wellness shop to help those already dealing with chronic illness to heal, as well as those getting ahead of their health to aid in prevention. Jason is a trailblazer seeking to shift disease management on a mass scale, with the biggest goal of eradicating chronic illness.